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saucony grid 9000 tech packsaucony shadow 6000 blue applesaucony grid 9000 trail pack

saucony is a brand that i believe anyone into sneakers should at least acknowledge. it seems as though they dont get enough hype…which to me is a good thing because hype always attracts certain types of beasts..(see what i did there?). most people only know saucony for their hideous athletic shoes and dont realize that saucony actually produces some of the most tasteful colorways in the lifestyle footwear game. the pictures in the photoset include the grid 9000 “tech pack” with a detailed image of one sneaker, the shadow 6000 “blue apple”, and the grid 9000 “trail pack” with a detailed image of a sneaker of the pack, respectively. if you still arent a believer in saucony then i might have to question your taste in sneakers….(well..not each his own). one thing i will never understand about “the shoe game” is why a majority of collectors only go for something with lebron or 23 stitched onto it. me and anyone i mess with has a true appreciation for what goes on ones feet..whether it be jordan, lebron, nike sb, nike sport, saucony….boots, loafers and boat shoes etc etc. the point is..dont let the people tell you what to like. but i digress… a little research on saucony..especially on some of your favorite websites like nicekicks, hypebeast, kicksonfire, sneakernews and solecollector. if youre a true sneakerhead then i think youll appreciate this brand. happy coppage.

ps. check out USH on facebook if you are in the dc maryland and nova area and are looking to buy, sell and trade shoes locally. its much more organized, professional and safer than those other “dmv sneakerheem” pages. 

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